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    This section offers the most current version of papers that are published in THE BELL or may be useful to the readers as support material.

Voting System Requirements, by Safevote This proposal evolved during public  discussions at the Internet Voting Technology Alliance (IVTA) in September-November 2000. It recognizes the need for strict voting standards, with a set of 16 requirements that support fail-safe privacy, verifiable security and tamper-proof ballots. This set of requirements is technologically neutral and can be applied to paper, electronic and Internet voting,  exceeding the current requirements for paper-based ballots in the U.S., and also those used for electronic voting DRE (Direct Recording Electronic) machines..
Overview of Certification Systems: X.509, PKIX, CA, PGP and SKIP, by Ed Gerck This is the revised version published in part in THE BELL, Vol. 1, No. 3, p. 8, July 2000. The original HTML version has been downloaded more than 250,000 times over the last three years. It was first published in the Meta-Certificate Group (MCG) website and was also presented by invitation at the '99 Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
Reflections on Trusting Trust, by Ken Thompson A classic reference.

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