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Our mission is to contribute to the public dialogue on Internet voting as well as to lead discussions on  collaborative decision-making in general.  THE BELL intends to  provide high-quality, non-partisan, timely  and useful information regarding privacy, security,  technology, voting, their markets and relevant policy issues.

Volume 2, No. 2
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THE BELL was published bi-monthly to subscribers, in PDF and paper. All issues are available free of charge at the archives.

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When we created The Bell in May 2000, we started and documented a fresh scientific approach to voting that continues to be influential and useful, applied to voting standards and practical developments in several universities, work groups and companies worldwide. Voting has changed from art to science and The Bell has been --and is today-- an important Internet resource that is freely available to all. The dialogue continues in other forums.

Read: Voting System Requirements

This proposal evolved during public  discussions at the Internet Voting Technology Alliance (IVTA) in September-November 2000. It recognizes the need for strict voting standards, with a set of 16 requirements that support fail-safe privacy, verifiable security and tamper-proof ballots.

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